Our core expertise: In Vitro Diagnostic

Blood Group Genotyping

The next step toward transfusion safety

Routine genotyping for rare blood groups donors: through HIFI Blood 96™ is a fully automated rare blood groups genotyping solution that has been developed, validated, produced and commercialized in Europe to screen donors and enrich blood banks databases and answer transfusion issues.

Today, precise rare blood groups genotyping using Next Gen Sequencing processes is one of AXO Science competency.

Pathogen Detection

High-throughput multiplexed pathogens complete identification

AXO Science’s technology is using cutting edge syndromic molecular approach based on genetic knowledge of pathogens. AXO Science multiplexed analytical device will provide within 4 hours a complete diagnostic, characterizing the pathogen identity and its resistance factors in case of bacterial infection. Our goal is to replace classical Petri dishes with a flexible, rapid and multiplexed diagnostic device, for a wide panel of potential applications, providing crucial information to the clinician within a few hours.

AXO Science innovative multiplexed technology has successfully been tested for respiratory and gastroenteric infections identification, antibiotic resistance monitoring, cancer biomarkers screening and allergy screening.