Blood Genotyping

Routine genotyping for blood donors: the next step toward transfusion safety

Increasing transfusion safety has been a great challenge in the past decades among transfusion centers around the world. If serology is now well managed, recent researches have made clear that extended blood group genotyping is now the next step toward the improvement of donor / patient compatibility as well as the reduction of allo-immunization and transfusion accidents.

If most of specific laboratory needs are covered by existing solutions, none are designed to answer current transfusion challenges as they are not adapted to high-throughput for both technical and financial reasons. The French National Blood Service (EFS) has been unsuccessfully seeking on the market a high-throughput, fast, reliable and cost efficient blood genotyping solution.

HIFI Blood 96™ is then the fruit of a collaboration between the EFS and AXO Science and was specifically designed to answer this « in routine » need for large-scale blood genotyping.

HIFI Blood 96™ the first CE-IVD fully automated blood group genotyping solution

HIFI Blood 96™ is a high-throughput and multiplexed assay based on a DNA chip and dedicated to blood qualification centers. Using a robust and fully integrated solution, bringing together the high-throughput possibilities of a complete automation and multiplexing potential of microarrays, it performs extended blood genotyping.

  • 3h30 from DNA to genotype results
  • Walk-away fully automatized solution
  • Full traceability with end-to-end bar code system
  • Can be adapted to existing liquid handler
  • Scalable throughput
  • CE-IVD

Full automated process from whole blood to genotype results

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