Scientific articles

Evaluation of SpermTracker paper and spray for the visualization of seminal stains
Thesis, Rachael Lea Margossian, Boston University, School of Medicine, 2022

Rapid Identification of Semen Using STK Sperm Tracker Spray
Presentation given at NEAFS 2022 by Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute, Syracuse University

Detection of Semen Stains on Household and Vehicle Fabrics Using STK Sperm Tracker Lab
Poster presented at NEAFS 2022 by Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute, Syracuse University

Increased Accuracy and Precision in the Detection of Human Semen on Clothing Fabrics using the STK ™ Sperm Tracker STK Lab
Poster presented at NEAFS 2022 by Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute, Syracuse University

Comparative study between a new forensic reagent STK™ SPERM TRACKER versus multispectral Alternative Light Sources (ALS) to detect specifically sperm traces on swab and fabrics in real sexual assault cases
Poster presented at ISHI 2021 by the Forensic Science Laboratory of the French Gendarmerie (IRCGN), France

新規精液探索法の確立とその実務導入への検討 (Establishement of the new semen identification method and the examination to practical introduction)
Published in Japanese Journal of Forensic Science and Technology, November 2021

Sperm Tracker™ as a presumptive test for semen stain detection
Poster presented at AAFS 2021 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Laboratory Division, Quantico, VA, USA

ReSynPlex: Respiratory Syndrome Linked Pathogens Multiplex Detection and Characterization
Published in IRBM, November 2018

Massively parallel and multiplex blood group genotyping using next-generation-sequencing
Published in Clinical Biochemistry, September 2018

Statistic evaluation of possible loss of material when using SPERM TRACKERTM for semen stains localization
Poster presented at EAFS 2018 by the Laboratoire de Police Scientifique de LYON (SNPS/LPS69), France

Internal Validation of the STK Sperm Tracker Procedure
Poster presented at ISHI 2017 by the State of California, Department of Justice, Jan Bashinski DNA Laboratory, CA, USA

Evaluation of the SPERM TRACKER™ for Semen Stains Localization on Fabrics
Published in the Journal Of Forensic Research, June 2017

Development and validation of a fully automated platform for extended blood group genotyping
Published in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, September 2015

Patterns of IgE sensitization in house dust mite-allergic patients: implications for allergen immunotherapy
Published in European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, November 2015

Disease map-based biomarker selection and pre-validation for bladder cancer invasiveness and recurrence prediction
Published in Biomarkers, July 2015

DNA biosensor/biochip for multiplex blood group genotyping
Published in Methods, December 2013

Validation d’une plateforme totalement automatisée pour le génotypage érythrocytaire étendu
Published in Transfusion Clinique et Biologique, May 2013

Polymer adhesive surface as flexible generic platform for multiplexed assays biochip production
Published in Biosensors & Bioelectronics, January 2013

Adhesive microarrays for multipurpose diagnostic tools
Published in  Lab on  a Chip , July 2011

Robust, High-Throughput Solution for Blood Group Genotyping
Published in Analytical Chemistry, June 2010

Multipurpose high-throughput filtering microarrays (HiFi) for DNA and protein assays
Published in Biosensors & Bioelectronics, April 2010

Toward making “extended blood group typing” more widely available
ACS News Service Weekly PressPac, July 2010