HIFI Technology

AXO Science patented HIFI Technology brings tremendous innovation to molecular based diagnostic applications.

By combining latest spotting techniques, fully robotized platform and new optical reading systems, AXO Science HIFI Technology opened a new era in the large scale screening of several parameters for numerous patients.


HIFI Technology shows several assets:

  • fully robotized platform for multiplexed high-throughput assays can be adapted to any DNA, protein and peptide based assays
  • up to 200 molecular probes can be immobilized in each well
  • classical 96, 384 or 1536 wells format, processable in any automated laboratory system
  • cost-efficient optical detection of the positive results
  • quantitative detection of the level of interactions on each spot
  • protocol increasing the interactions between targets and immobilized probes and lowering the assay background
  • overall process is fast and cost efficient

AXO Science HIFI Technology can be adapted to many molecular based diagnostic applications (blood genotyping, cancer diagnostic, pathogen detection etc.)

Multiplexed assays bring the ability to profile multiple molecules from a single sample, in a single assay and are the next generation of bioanalytical systems. They offer many advantages:

  • Generate more information on interrelationships between related analytes within a sample with better correlation
  • Decrease precious sample volume requirement
  • Reduce assay reagent, expense and labor