STK Sperm Tracker to be presented at FEE

AXO Science will be attending the Forensics Europe Expo that will take place at the Olympia London May 3-4 May 2017.

On booth G39, AXO Science will be presenting STK Sperm Tracker, a revolutionary semen detection method dedicated to crime labs:

  • Sensitive: never miss a stain again whatever the fabric or the color
  • Specific: stop wasting time and money with false positive
  • Easy: simple 3 steps protocol. 50% faster than AP spot test
  • Fast: can be done dirctely on evidence as it does not damage DNA
  • Non Toxic: unlike regular AP spot test(1), STK does not use any carcinogen reagents
  • ISO 18385: forensic grade certified

Dr. Christophe A. Marquette, from ICBMS Univ-Lyon 1, will be presenting his work “Evaluation of the STK Sperm Tracker for semen stains localization on fabrics” carried out in collaboration with French Scientific Police (Laboratoire de Police Scientifique de Lyon INPS/LPS69) on May 3rd at 11:00AM in the Seminar Theatre.

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