STK Sperm Tracker to be presented at AAFS

AXO Science will be attending the AAFS 69th Annual Meeting that will take place February 13-18 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, USA.

AXO Science (booth 216) will be presenting STK Sperm Tracker, a revolutionary semen detection method dedicated to forensic labs.

logo_STK (RGB 100dpi)

STK Sperm Tracker is based on an innovative technology and a new way to immobilize molecule. It offers many advantages to forensic laboratories personnel in detecting semen stains:

Sensitive: do not miss semen traces by using the most sensitive technique available

Specific: do not waste time and money with false positive, only semen will show

Easy: simple and rapid 3 steps protocol (spray water on STK, press 3′, read result)

Safe: human and environmental friendly