STK Spray

Never Leave an Evidence Behind

After the Sperm Tracker intended for forensic laboratories, AXO Science is now expanding its range with a semen-specific reagent for crime scenes investigation, the STK Spray.

STK Spray is the first screening solution that enables a sharp localization of sperm traces on a rape scene, whatever the suspected material (floor, furniture, door handle, sink, tree leaves, grass, gravels…).

AXO Science’s goal is to empower Police forces with leading technologies by bringing this new tool to the very hands of Crime Technicians on site.

STK Spray disrupts current procedures by instantly and reliably detect semen traces directly on the crime scene.

> VIDEO: How to use STK Spray? Video from the French Scientific Police (SNPS):


STK Spray allows you to multiply the chances of obtaining rapist’s DNA faster and more efficiently.

STK Spray is available:

  • Box of 10 pouches

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