Microarray Spotting

Complete Solution Non-Contact and Contact Printing Services for Diagnostic Microarrays and Biosensing


  • Non-contact printing of low/medium density arrays
  • Glass slides
  • SPRi prisms (Biacore, Genoptics/HORIBA…)
  • Microtiter plate (MTP) bottom
  • Other possibilities currently under testing phase


  • Superior spot morphology -> high reproducibility in diagnostic assay performance
  • Printing onto sensitive surfaces -> no surface damage
  • Ability to print onto supports with difficult geometries
  • Minimal dead volume -> reagent savings
  • Advanced Quality Control: 100% visual array control, each printed array is imaged and compared to an accepted reference
  • Scalable printing technology -> process integrity from R&D to industry-scale production

Service range

  • Arraying from your samples
  • Surface functionalization of customer-specific supports
  • Non-contact printing
  • Microarray processing for Quality-Control, image generation, data analysis
  • Electronic documentation of whole production process


Customized Assays

Multiparameter assays are more and more requiered in human and animal diagnosis in order to answer the growing demand from health authorities and decision makers to reduce cost and improve the accuracy of diagnosis and follow-up. Because of this public pressure, people expect diagnostic tests to be faster, cheaper and produce more information which can then be used for both diagnosis and staging patient status.

Devices meeting these expectations are not currently available for diagnostic laboratories. Indeed, most of existing microarray/multiparameter based systems have been developed in a technologically driven context (adapting end user needs to the technology), creating a gap between end-user and technology.

Here, AXO Science is happy to  provide customized multiplexed solution, developed according to specific requierements and set of parameters.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and discussions.


Robotic Services

AXO Science Robotic Services will guide you in getting your assays from bench top format to optimized automated format.