HIFI Blood 96 is now CE-IVD marked

HiFi-assays project ended successfully Q4 2013 with the commercial launch of a CE IVD marked red cell genotyping solution.

AXO Science is glad to release on the market the first CE-IVD marked blood genotyping solution that offers full automation and possible high-throughput.

HIFI Blood 96™ is specifically designed to allow blood banks laboratories to implement routine blood genotyping:

  • Fully automated from whole blood to genotype results
  • Walk-away solution
  • Full traceability
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Scalable throughput
  • Cost efficient

More information at HIFI Blood 96™

HiFi-assays project update

The HiFi-assays project, launched in 2011, has been successfully implemented for the first 18 months period.

All partners involved in the project are focused towards a shared objective: the development of an automated blood group genotyping platform.

HiFi-assays project update

The HiFi-assays project, launched in 2011, has been successfully implemented for the first 12 months period.

All partners involved in the project (AXO Science, Lyon1 University, the Albert Bonniot Institute, the Etablissement Français du Sang, and Lyon Ingenierie Projets) are focused towards a shared objective: the development of an automated blood group genotyping platform.

Advances achieved by each partner were presented during the periodic meetings:

  • Consortium agreement, proposed by LIP was accepted by all partners
  • Additional specific probes are integrated in the multiplex test
  • Dedicated software is under development
  • Automation of procedures progresses
  • Quality control is improved

Thanks to the HiFi-assays project, An article entitled “Impact of immobilization support on colorimetric microarrays performances” has been published in Biosensor and Bioelectronics (link). This study allows optimising the technology for multiplex biosensing approaches.

HiFi-assays Kick-Off meeting

The HiFi-assays project kicked off last Monday (14th January) at the Lyon1 University.

All partners were represented:

  • Othello Chartier and Cédric Louis for AXO Science.
  • Christophe Marquette, Céline Mandon and Gaelle Le Goff for the Institut de Chimie et Biochimie Moléculaires et Supramoléculaires (Lyon1 University).
  • Patrice Marche for the Albert Bonniot Institute.
  • Laurence Le Texier, Pascal Bailly, Léon Wideman and Jean-Charles Brès for the Etablissement Français du Sang.
  • Catherine Oudin for Lyon Ingenierie Projets.

A R&D project funded by the ANR

The HiFi-assays project will develop high-throughput and multiparametric analysis tools dedicated to the characterisation of biological samples. The proposed technology is to use an innovative filtration (US61/227 666) or adhesive (unpublished patent) array together with cost-efficient colorimetric staining/detection of the positive results. In this concept, different molecular probes can be immobilised as medium density (100 spots) microarrays (HiFi-array) on the external or internal face of the bottom of a microtiter plate.

The project is an industrial project, coordinated by the company AXO Science SAS, aiming at the maturation of a product meeting the In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) standards.

As a final deliverable and thanks to coordination by the supporting SME, a final product prototype named HiFi will be produced at a pre-industrial scale and used for project validation. Two different products named HiFi Blood 96 and HiFi Sero 96 (Trademarks already registered at the INPI), for blood genotyping and hepatitis serology, respectively, are planned to be developed following the project completion. Here, the presence in the consortium of two end-users (Etablissement Français du Sang and Institut Albert Bonniot INSERM-UJF U823) will strongly increase the project impact.

Project call: BioTecS 2010

Total funding for 3 years: 768 589 €

Project partners:

Institut Albert Bonniot

Etablissement français du sang

Institut de Chimie et Biochimie Moléculaires et Supramoléculaires

New microarray spotting equipment

AXO Science recently acquired a sciFLEXARRAYER S3 non-contact dispensing system for microarray production.

This new automated platform will be dedicated to low and medium density microarrays manufacturing, guaranteeing high quality printing, design flexibility and very-low volume consumption.

AXOScience offers a complete solution for custom arrays printing. Spotting services are available for a wide range of substrates (slides, SPRi chips, microtiter plate wells, membranes…) and are suitable for complex samples printing (antibodies, DNA, proteins…).

More information on spotting services