Proof of concept has been validated

During the first phase, the proof of concept has been validated: the combination of PCRm and DNA chips permitted to identify the specific genetic characteristics of pathogens (bacteria and viruses at a time) and some resistance factors on known samples.

Including, the following points were developed and/or validated:

– The primary format (96-well plate ELISA)

– Testing the support (TKL adhesive based on patent held by AXO)

– Detection by colorimetry and automation of the test,

– Multiplexed detection, by the test of compounds pools of several samples of known pathogens,

– Possibility of detecting several types of characteristics: target genes from bacteria and viruses, resistance factors,

– Recent optimization of PCR conditions allowed to detect higher number of the targeted genes and to increase the sensitivity of other target genes.

– Development of the complete automated analytical protocol


Product foreseen will be designed to be adaptable to existing laboratory equipment: extraction, PCR amplification, automated liquid handling. The minimum required apparatus will be (i) a thermocycler and (ii) a microplate imager. For high-throughput needs, an automated liquid handler can run the full process (PCRm, hybridization assay on microarrays in plates, and reading). Based on the proof on concept and first results, performances of the test will be assessed (selectivity, sensibility).