HIFI Technology obtains Arnault Tzanck prize

The French federation for voluntary blood donation (FFDSB), in collaboration with the Federation of Amault Tzanck Institute has awarded the Arnault Tzanck research in blood transfusion to Dr. Jean-Charles Brès (EFS Rhône-Alpes, partnership with the Laboratory of molecular Haematology, EFS Alpes Méditerranée and laboratory of enzyme engineering and biomolecular, Université Lyon 1 – CNRS 5246 ICBMS). Presented April 22 at the Ministry of Health with a 30 000 euros grant, this prize recognizes his research on the “development of microarrays for blood genotyping in the blood screening process”. Price Arnault Tzanck is awarded every two years to researchers or doctors whose contribution can improve knowledge, efficiency and safety of blood transfusion device.