Executive Commitee

Othello Chartier

CEO – Co-founder

Othello Chartier has a business management profile with a Masters degree in Sales and Marketing from the Grenoble University, France. Part of this graduation has been accomplished at the Trinity College of Dublin (Ireland) in third year of Marketing Management. He brings to the company a nine years experience as a Senior Customer Program Manager at LEVEL(3) Communications (Nasdaq LVLT) based in London,UK and then Paris La Défense. He was then in charge of coordinating top priority projects for major Telecom international companies such as France Telecom, British Telecom, Telefonica.

Christophe Marquette, PhD

CSO – Co-founder

In addition to its position at AXO Science, Christophe Marquette is permanent research director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) at the UCBL and is in charge of the development of optical biochips and micro-arrays based on electrochemical luminescent reactions. Since 1998 author or co-author of more than 65 publications, 6 book chapters and 3 international patents. Christophe Marquette has shown its European networking and scientific exchange abilities within different terminated (FP5 and FP6) or still running European and National programs (ANR, FP7).

Samuel Serraz, MBA

COO – Co-founder

After studying marketing & purchasing management in France and Ireland, Samuel Serraz graduated from the MBA of Umass Dartmouth in the United-States in 1999. Since then, he has been in charge of senior marketing positions in high-technology international groups such as AOL Time Warner, as well as small & medium sized companies. Samuel brings his marketing, Business development and product management expertise to the team.


Management Team

Benjamin Corgier, PhD

Research & Development Manager

Benjamin Corgier owns a Doctorate in Biochemistry (2007) from the Université Claude Bernard-Lyon 1. He recently spent two years at McGill Unversity, Montréal,Canada where he worked on academic research projects. He then specialised into microfabrication technologies for biosensing applications and proteomic. Back in Lyon as an associate researcher for the ICBMS unit, he was in charge of developing single-cell biochips and innovative biomolecule microarrays. Since 2005, Benjamin has been the author and co-author of 18 publications and one international patent.