AXO Science to attend ISBT London

AXO Science will be attending the 25th Regional Congress of the ISBT that will take place from June 27th to July 1st at the London ExCel Exhibition and Convention Centre.

AXO Science will be presenting HIFI Blood 96, the sole high-throughput and fully robotized blood genotyping solution from whole blood to genotype results.

Booth n°501 in the exhibition hall.

AXO Science to attend AABB in Philadelphia

AXO Science will be attending the AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO 2014 that will take place from October 25 – 28 2014 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, USA.

AXO Science will be presenting HIFI Blood 96, the sole high-throughput and fully robotized blood genotyping solution from whole blood to genotype results.

Booth n°953 in the exhibition hall.

HIFI Blood 96 received CE-IVD mark

AXO Science is pleased to announce its blood group genotyping solution HIFI Blood 96 has received CE-IVD mark accreditation from the notified body LNE/G-MED becoming the first CE-IVD fully robotized blood group genotyping solution available.

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Blood genotyping: approved FUI project

Supported by 5 blood genotyping experts in five different countries around the world, this project aims at designing a new blood genotyping high-throughput test format.

This innovative test “HIFI Cap” will improve safety, be simpler and faster.  Continue reading

AXO Science receives ISO 13485 certification

AXO Science received ISO 13485:2003 certification from the notified body LNE/G-MED for the design of in vitro medical devices.

ISO 13485 is an internationally recognized quality standard that requires an organization to demonstrate that it has the comprehensive quality management systems in place to consistently meet the specific customer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices.

Highest quality standards and efficient organization are core factors in the medical devices industry. I am proud we have been granted ISO 13485 certification that recognizes our efforts and commitment toward better answering our customers’ needs” commented Othello Chartier, CEO for AXO Science.


AXO Science is Novacité approved

AXO Science is Novacité approved!

This prestigious recognition is granted to innovative companies by the Novacité committee which evaluates projects on four criteria as follows:

– Innovation: ability to release a new technology or service on the market, which should provide a decisive advantage over existing offers.
– Team: adequacy and complementary of the team to achieve the business model.
– Sustainability: clearly defined offer, market segmentation, funding, partnerships, sales contacts…
– Potential: number of jobs created, notoriety and ability of the company to develop on international markets.

New Article online

Polymer adhesive surface as flexible generic platform for multiplexed assays biochip production


An article describing the flexibility and the robustness of AXO Science proprietary technology is now available in Biosensors&Bioelectronics journal. link: Article

This publication highlights :

► Adhesive microarrays shall be the cost-efficient approach for high-throughput analysis tools.

► Tests were carried out in 96, 384 and 1536-well assemblies suitable for automated analysis.

► Analytical results of DNA, antibodies and proteins detection, directly in sera, are presented.

► The adhesive microarray support is also suitable for localized cell culture.

Biosensors World Congress

Dr Christophe Marquette has presented AXO Science innovations to the renowned world congress Elsevier Biosensors 2012 :

“Polymer adhesive surface as flexible generic platform for biochip production”

“Sensitive and reliable analytical performances of the created systems were demonstrated for sandwich protein detection (C-reactive protein), multiplex hepatitis C serology and hybridization assays (multiplexed genotyping assay), both in automated classical 96-well microplate format and microfluidic environment. It is worth to notice that thanks to the very good optical properties of the adhesive, any optical detection (colorimetric, fluorescence and chemiluminescence) can be used.

This innovation is at the same time biocompatible and fully adaptable with any subsequent integration into complete analytical systems. Moreover, the use of medical grade adhesive polymer dramatically simplifies the manufacturing process.”

Advances in Microarray Technology

Benjamin Corgier will give a talk entitled

“Adhesive microarrays”: A new integrative solution
at the international conference

Advances in Microarray Technology.

The presented process is highly flexible, provides ease of implementation and produces reliable microarrays of active biomolecules for device assembling and subsequent automated processing. This technology is developped in collaboration between AXO Science and the ICBMS.


“This conference will discuss the wide range of cutting edge research being conducted using Microarray technologies in various scientific fields. Focusing on areas such as DNA / Protein expression profiling and genotyping, tissue arrays for histological analysis and biomarker discovery, an overview of the diverse work being carried out in this important field will be given.”

link: Conference website


Winning Team

Congratulations to : 

Benjamin Corgier obtains “le prix du jeune chercheur de la ville de Lyon” in October 2011.


Gaëlle Le Goff has been awarded in June 2011 by BIOMNIS Laboratories for her works on new blood genotyping techniques.